Why Are You Saying What You're Saying? The Extraordinary Power of Your Daily Affirmations, Conscious or Unconscious

By Rev. Richard Kent Matthews

You're about to discover the real power of affirmations...

Affirmations work...all the time. Why do they sometimes seem like they're not working? Because most of us don't understand the dynamics. There's nothing supernatural about them. Affirmations work according to natural principle. When they are understood, like any natural process, they can be used simply and easily.

Here is the secret: You are continually affirming. Your life is a direct result of these continual affirmations. Check out what you're constantly saying to yourself. As you begin to listen to that conversation, you'll notice patterns. Those patterns, repeated over and over in word and practice, produce your life experiences. They are your beliefs. You respond to your surroundings and incoming data according to your beliefs. And I'm not just talking religious beliefs, although they play a major role. I'm also talking about what you believe about the world around you, the people in it, and most of all, about your own ability to cope with what you think you see. Years of feeling like the victim make everything--and everyone--appear to be the victimizer. Believing you're not smart keeps you from being smarter. Unlovable mindsets produced unlovable actions. And the world responds accordingly.

It may be cliche' but it remains true: Change your thinking, change your life. Begin by committing to the practice of listening to what you tell yourself over and over again:

1. What do you say to yourself as you begin your day? (This can set a positive or negative tone.)

2. What are you saying, throughout the day, about those you interact with? (Remember: feeling superior to others is a good sign of an inferiority complex.)

3. When you know you're telling yourself something that goes against your physical, emotional and spiritual health, how often do you rationalize and continue on in the same direction? (This could be the key you've been looking for. We often know a truth but talk ourselves out of it. Listen carefully to your "Oh, well...")

You have talked yourself into the world in which you currently reside. You can talk yourself out of it, if you are not happy with it. But chances are, it's comfortable, habitual, and easy, even if it hurts. Even what you've just read may go onto the trash heap--even if it seems to make sense to you.

So, begin the affirmation process by first listening to your own voice. Just listen. Don't try to force change. As you listen, change will occur on its own. As you become more aware of your script, the new awareness will begin to change the script... automatically. Then, you can add the new words, and a conscious new script.

Your work is cut out for you because habits of mind and body can be difficult to break. Now you know how to do it. And you're up for it, right?

Take it in small steps. You’ve taken a lifetime to build most of the habits that carry you through the world. You’ll meet with resistance. The smaller the steps, the less resistance, and the continued improvement.

You’re worth the effort.

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