You Can Save the World, One Small Step at a Time

By Rev. Richard Kent Matthews

Is the world really full of evil people? Or is that just a gimmick to make you feel afraid?

Appearances notwithstanding, I know that each of us contains the seed of goodness. Awakening to that reality is the way to change what looks like disaster. How do we awaken? Simple... 

· Recognize your own beauty. Original sin is a lie.

· Reclaim your power. You're only weak if you believe it.

· Rewrite your inner script. You wrote the original, or bought into someone else's.

· Reduce your personal carbon footprint. You don't need as much stuff in your life as you think.

· Respond rather than react. Think clearly about your choices, your prejudices, your decisions.

· Release or at least reduce your fears. You will only rise to the level of your greatest fear.

· Regain your courage. Boldness has a certain charm to it, you know.

· Remember that you came here to help the world become its best. This is the secret you've been looking for, by the way.

· Refuse to let the daily news run your life. In fact, turn it off for a week and see if you've really missed anything. What's truly important will find its way into your consciousness.

· Rest in the Silence now and then; refresh your relationship with the Source of All That Is. Meditation is a powerful brain-changer, not just a woo-woo Eastern religious practice.

· Remain upbeat, positive, enthusiastic, and optimistic. Pie in the sky? Hardly. Change your thinking, change your life, and ultimately, change your world.

Relax. Reboot. Retrain, if necessary. Regroup. Got it? Of course you do.

The best is yet to come. And you are the reason!